Natural Ways To Get Sound Sleep

Insomnia is one of the major reasons for poor health and impaired cognitive function. Today, approximately one thier of the population in the UK suffers from this problem and remains deprived of a sound sleep at night.

Incomplete or less sleep at can lead to diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart complications. Thankfully, sleep experts across the globe have suggested some effective ways to improve the sleep-wake pattern.

Inculcate good sleep habits

Sleep experts recommend their patients to:

  • Maintain a regular sleep wake schedule on all days of the week
  • Avoid heavy meals before bedtime.
  • Keep their bedroom dark and noise free.
  • Have a comfortable pillow and mattress in the bedroom
  • Ensure a comfortable temperature in the bedroom.
  • Avoid afternoon naps.

Defeat Insomnia and Get Off To Sleep

When a person struggles to get asleep within 30 minutes after retiring to bed, then he/she should get off the bed and do something else, like watching TV or reading a book. Keeping the mind off snooze helps to reset and reboot the sleep-wake cycle.  

Things to Avoid:

  • No nicotine or alcohol should be consumed about half an hour before bedtime.
  • No physical exercises before going to bed.
Regular exercise for health sleep
Regular exercise for health

Regular Exercise

Studies have shown that daily exercise works significantly to improve the sleep-wake pattern. Aerobics, brisk walking, jogging as well as   swimming extends the duration of sleep. These exercises reduce anxiety and stress and improve circadian rhythm.

Herbal Remedies

Several researchers have explained that herbal treatments are an effective way to improve insomnia. Valerian root is one of the natural drugs that contain ingredients with sedative nature to induce sleep. Besides this, Ginseng and passionflower are also recommended to sleepless patients to improve their condition.

Lifestyle Changes

Taking a warm bath, listening to light music and avoiding the use of electronic screens such as TV, laptop and mobile phone before bedtime can allow insomniacs to doze off. And lastly, cognitive behavior therapy, yoga and meditation can enable restless individuals to get asleep.

Buy Sleeping Tablets in UK

If a person still struggles to get a sound sleep after following these sleep tips, then he/she should buy the best sleeping tablets in UK to treat their insomnia. These pills calm the brain and the nerves and induce sleep among insomniacs.

Anne Mier

Dr Anne Mier is a leading expert in respiratory and general medicine in London. Having graduated in medicine at the Middlesex Hospital, she took up training posts in cardiology and rheumatology there, then general medicine and neurology at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, and later general medicine and endocrinology at the Royal Free Hospital.
Anne Mier