According to the sleep researchers, it has observed that in several cases, It is a symbol in which a human body doesn’t move smoothly via the sleep stages. Over the centuries, its symptoms have been stated in different ways that are also attributed to an “evil” presence. In simpler terms, it has also believed that the Sleep Paralysis is actually an unseen night demon especially of the ancient times.  

However, a question must have arisen in everybody’s mind regarding Sleep Paralysis, which is genuine enough?

Sleep Paralysis
What is sleep paralysis?

What is Sleep Paralysis?

A feeling of consciousness and unable to move is known as Sleep paralysis. It majorly takes place when an individual passes between weakness stages and the wakefulness as well. In such transitions, a person is unable to speak or move for sometimes either for a few minutes or seconds. Moreover, some people might also feel choking sense or pressure. Therefore, It also accompanies a person with different forms of sleeping disorders such as narcolepsy. It is an overpowering requirement for the sleep caused by the brain’s problem abreast with an ability in sleep regulation.

Symptoms :

With the fast-growing and changing lifestyle, almost 3 out of 10 people would be having thevparalysis. The issues first come into observance in the age of last teen years i.e. from 17-19 years of age and anyone can easily have it. The issue has become so common that it easily runs into the families as well. Other associated factors of Sleep Paralysis are mentioned below:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Changing sleep schedule
  • Mental conditions like bipolar disorder or stress
  • Sleeping on the back
  • Narcolepsy
  • Nighttime leg cramps
  • Substance abuse

Diagnosis :

Whenever you find yourself unable to speak or move for a few minutes or seconds especially when waking up or falling asleep then, it sounds and seems like your body has isolated sleep paralysis. However, in such a circumstance, there is no need to treat such condition because you just only need to concern the doctor, especially for the below-mentioned concerns.

  • Feeling anxious about such symptoms
  • Symptoms that leave you feeling tired during the daytime
  • Symptoms that awake you at night

Treatment :

Several times, most of the people do not require the sleep paralysis’s treatment because the treatment of a condition like narcolepsy could help you if you are feeling anxiety or problems in sleeping. You need to enlighten and obey the below-listed points:

  • Improving sleep habits i.e. sleep for 8 hours instead of 6.
  • Make use of antidepressant medication as it regulates sleep cycles
  • Treat to your mental health problems, if any as it contributes to sleep paralysis
  • Treatment of a narcolepsy or leg cramps
Precautions – what can you do?

Don’t worry as there is no need to afraid of alien abductors or nighttime demons. However, if you have the signs and symptoms of occasional sleep paralysis then, you can easily cure this at home by serving yourself with enough sleep. Distress yourself prior to go to the bed and this is only a perfect way to cure the sleep paralysis. In addition to this, also assure yourself to see your doctor if such symptoms of sleep paralysis happen on a regular basis or routinely as it would prevent you from falling asleep with sound sleep.